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What causes paste version?

Source:Shanghai KS Printing Co.,Ltd     Time:2016-08-05 Hits:

Resulting paste version of the main reasons:
    (1) PS version of aluminum base fine grained, less water storage, if intermittent long down time without wiping the glue to protect the plate, when stored in water after the vacancy sector evaporate aluminum plate in contact with air layout occurrence of physical chemistry changes while, graphic layout department printing ink layer under pressure to bleed dry the vacancy sector penetration, causing paste version. This phenomenon is easy to occur in hot weather.
    Treatment: hot days of downtime over 3 minutes, cold weather more than five minutes, they should be given on the plate cylinder layout rub rubber protection to prevent the boot paste version. Once the paste version, available cloth dipped in the fountain solution scrub paste version of Office.

(2) the ink layer is too thick lead plate layout department vacancies sense butter and paste version.
    Treatment: Some printed pieces need thicker layers of ink, taking into account the impact of thick ink blots expansion, exposure should be used in copy-printing drying deep way, the film is about the original graphics sun light (for positive PS plate and words), reducing the number of outlets into the thicker layers of ink spreading happens to make the number of outlets to meet the requirements can be replicated.
    (3) a small viscosity of the ink is easy to emulsify, resulting in floating dirty, so that the ink can not be properly transferred, resulting in the ink roller, the gradual accumulation of pigment particles on the plate and blanket, once accumulated to a certain thickness will lead to paste version.
    Treatment: appropriate to add some large viscosity varnish, but not adding too much, so as not to affect the printing effect.
    Surface tension (4) fountain solution is too small, too much supply plate fountain solution volume, the ink emulsification serious and paste version.
    Approach: to minimize the amount of dampening fluid supply, a higher emulsifying capacity ink for printing.
    (5) driers too high content of the ink, the ink drying too fast causing piling sections, resulting paste version.
    Treatment: without causing the back rub dirty conditions, ink driers reduce the amount of ink to prevent excessive drying not accumulate in the forum plug outlets

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