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Component analysis of the impact of domestic press speed

Source:Shanghai KS Printing Co.,Ltd     Time:2016-08-05 Hits:

The world's advanced level of printing speed universal printer has reached 16,000 to 18,000 sheets / hr, up to and even exceeded 20,000 sheets / hour, while our sheetfed offset printing speeds of up to 15,000 / hour, the actual speed is lower. Structural analysis from the press, assembly affect the domestic press speed are the following.

1. The paper feeding mechanism

A paper feed mechanism as the production process sheetfed first action mechanism is the key to press speed, stable high- speed sheet feeding apparatus is to achieve high-speed printing of primary protection. The paper-feeding mechanism of the printing press of domestic stability is not enough, needs to be improved.
2. The feed mechanism
Vacuum paper feeding means to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery. Domestic vacuum sheet feeder with the printing press is technically not mature enough, still need further improvement.
3. The positioning device
Paper positioning device as part of the throat press, but also in the press commissioning and installation of the most complex part, directly related to the printing overlay accuracy. Paper positioning device mainly comprises a front side and a regulatory compliance in two parts. Domestic presses they use a roller pull gauge, and use more imported printing presses pneumatic pull gauge. Advantages pneumatic pull gauge is the thickness can be adjusted according to the size of the intake amount of substrates in order to achieve accurate positioning, and air control valve mounted on the operating side, convenient adjustment.
4. The sheet transfer mechanism
Sheetfed paper delivery mechanism is the role of the regulation, the regulatory side positioned at a good speed is zero paper front accelerated to speeds equal to or slightly higher than the continuous high-speed rotation of the surface speed of the impression cylinder, and accurately paper submitted to the impression cylinder gripper for printing. Wherein Swinging paper feeding mechanism not only ensure the paper positioning accuracy in the transfer process, and increase the transmission speed. Swinging Gripper Mechanism design and manufacture, adjustments are relatively easy, especially suitable for high-speed, large-format printing. KBA presses with the most representative, the sheet transfer mechanism is used to accelerate the two institutions, Swinging gripper teeth first paper speed increases to about 60% of the maximum speed of the printing press, the transfer paper to the transfer cylinder , and then through the secondary transfer cylinder accelerates to maximum speed, then to the impression cylinder, can reach a maximum speed of 20,000 rev / h, is the world's fastest printer. But in the domestic press, Swinging paper feeding mechanism is not universal.
5. The collection of paper means
As the saying goes: "basketry baskets series, all in the shut" means the collection of paper on the press serves as a shut role, there is no perfect system of collection of paper, printer also can not be achieved at high speed. Part of the collection of paper should meet the following requirements: ① to facilitate the observation of the quality of printed products; ② avoid scratching, smearing phenomenon; ③ the adaptability of the paper must be strong; ④ have a non-stop replacement delivery pile of apparatus. Internationally renowned brand of printer paper means income both in terms of functionality and appearance have done quite perfect, for example, Komori sheetfed offset income sheet paper feed unit adopted the anti-deflection device, and can be equipped with automatic separation of the sheet in question dual Reel devices. Domestic press in this regard still need to be improved.

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