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Fragile stickers printed note issue

Source:Shanghai KS Printing Co.,Ltd     Time:2016-08-05 Hits:

Frangible membrane surface materials Adhesive materials for special processing of PVC film, low tensile strength, easily broken, there is shrinkage, and temperature, humidity and storage of certain requirements. On the application of the general as a security label. Depending on the backing sheet.

Thin crust and thick crust of paper divided into two types of paper materials: ① Bodi paper material printing process: Bodi paper material suitable for use in labeling machines in the form of a web printing process. Due to the low surface material strength, the fragile membrane only printing, die cutting, no waste discharge: Finished labels only cut sheets, no rewinding. So not frangible film labels automatic labeling, labeling all by hand. Special processing of PVC fabric easy to shrink when heated, and therefore should not be used UV printing and thermal printing.
Bodi paper friable material should not be printed in a single form. Because it will speed up the surfaces shrink roll material after the cutter, the end of the paper deformed between the bottom sheet and the surface material to form a gap, resulting in the printing process when the fracture surfaces, resulting in an increase in waste labels, increase consumption. Web frangible membrane recommend using ordinary resin letterpress printing inks and water-based flexo ink. ② heavy-bottomed paper material printing process: the thickness of the paper at the end heavy-bottomed paper material in 130 ~ 200g / m² thick since the end of paper, the face material contraction does not cause deformation of the end of paper, only the surfaces shrink four weeks. Heavy-bottomed paper material can be cut after printing leaflets, printed in the form of offset, letterpress and screen printing. Hand die after exhausting or not exhausting.
Frangible membrane adhesive material surfaces easy to shrink, processors should be available to the material immediately after printing, it should not be stored. Encountered surfaces contraction, strike-edge, feeding should be appropriate to slow down the printing speed, to avoid the release force is too large, causing the edge of the material fracture, increase consumption.

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